Village Building Chronicles: Learning To Love Past The Pain

It’s one thing to learn your personal power, it’s a whole other level to see it in action!!!

Do you own your energy…your power?  Do you know how and where to recharge for life?  If that’s the case how do you know you do?  I mean really think about it.  Most of us think we do.


“How many times a day do we pray for piece of mind, only to turn right around and give it right away again?”-Pastor Rosemary Palmer of Lion & The Lamb Ministries.

Every time something get to us, makes us upset, anxious, irritable or nervous, or any time we entertain any feelings of our lower selves, thats exactly what we eventually end up doing. Giving away our peace.  If you know the answer to the first question, than more than likely, you also know the answer to the second one as well.

If you don’t, well then your in store for not only a self empowering read, but if act accordingly, a self -empowering journey of your own as well.

Sunset Yoga Circle

Let me just start by saying this time last week I was in Chicago, I was prepping for the most refreshing experience I had in a long time.  I was asked to co-host a collaborative event, an exclusive “Sunset Yoga Circle” with 2 other amazing healers, Kenisha Jamison and Brandon Daurham of

Now this was a very special invitation for me because although I’ve been teaching beginner yoga “A Journey To Self”, for almost 3 years now, I’d never really thought of myself as a healer before.  I do and have however, harvest healing energy I share and spread among my inner circle and friends on a regular basis.  So not only was I extremely honored to get this invitation, but it was also the confirmation needed to confirm my re-alignment and continue to “move in  and with my purpose”. is an amazing organization and is signature for hosting ancestral rituals known as community healing circles.  I was blessed to have the opportunity to join them in unison for the 1st time last year during the Bronzeville Community Garden’s, “End Season Harvest Day Celebration.” After a stressful and emotional day and feeling like I was ready to give up on my goals at the moment, it was truly one of the single most effective resources I’ve experienced in all of my adulthood and community development endeavors to date.

The only other time i’ve experienced this kind of community healing energy was in a church setting particularly Lion & the Lamb Ministries.

The very 1st sunset yoga circle took place this day last weekend at the Sacred Sustainability Lab, located on 45th and King Drive.  Although I can’t discuss exactly what took place because it was an exclusive event, I can provide minimum insight:

We opened in amazing connection to the natural elements. We learned from and empowered one another. We were re-aligned and reset for the next chapters in our lives. We closed armored with new fire, tools and resources, direction and the confirmation of all things being connected and one!


The magic that followed that weekend, was truly noting short of miracles.  As I mentioned before, it’s one thing to learn your personal power, it’s a whole other level to see it in action!!!

See what most don’t realize is just how easy it is to get thrown off your “A” game when you get bombarded with all the unconscious, or unwanted energies through so called incidents in life; but when you are prepared for those unsuspected circumstances, not only can you sustain through, but you can also be effective in the growth process due to follow. But how do you prepare?  Well with the right tools of course.

Tools and resources you get through organizations like, Lion &LambMinistries,, culture connection 360, The Black Business School and The, Freedom Home Academy, Creativity In Motion, South Side In Focus,  Englewood Enterprise Gallery, Our Story Chi, The urban Juncture Foundation, Bronzeville Community Garden and Incubator, The Bronzeville Retail Initiative and South Side Community Art Center, The Sacred Keepers Sustainability Lab and etc.  These organizations are significant because they are not fixated on pointing out the issues in our communities, but rather moving in the energy necessary to create solutions for them.  These organizations are creating jobs, training and education.

There by, riding a lot to the things that lead to black on black crime.  They are providing healing resources and tools for growth and healthy alternatives for embracing and setting new standards of not just living but thriving in our own communities.

See during the Sunset Yoga Circle, we discussed the importance and gratitude for these organizations, particularly The New Ujimaa Medics Organization.  A new organization that trains everyday people how to act as 1st responders to help save the many victims of gun violence and directly combat the high death rates by gun violence in our communities. Although we all have different approaches to the healing and balancing concept, we were all extremely honored to be apart of the the village that was taking initiative to provide some alternatives by becoming part of the solutions.

We were extremely grateful for the opportunity to recharge together for the sake of moving forward and carrying out our missions.  Now of course, the following day brought unsuspected madness as that is the nature of the energy that surrounds us in a lot of our neighborhoods in the moment, but because we were ready, it also brought growth and success and is just the beginning to changing the energy cycles in our neighborhoods all together.  The pictures from the weekend below capture much more than my words can explain as it relates to this story.

As you can see we continue with high refreshing energy from the “Sunset yoga circle” the evening before. We started the afternoon with an awesome session of capoeira training at 39th street lakefront with our skilled trainer Stefan Molejo.

We took a break and prepared for the next activity, a restorative yoga session. During the break one of the participants took our Capoeira instructor to the train station.  The station being only a few blocks away,  made quite a few of us worried because more than 20 mins had gone by without communication. We felt that something was off. At this time another one of the village members got a call from her daughter who lived right across the street from the gas station we stopped at on the way there. Now more worried, everyone was sure something was off and after another grueling 10 mins went by, the village member that dropped our trainer off finally returned…

During her arrival we learned exactly what took so long.  Unfortunately, on the way back she witnessed traumatic incident. A drive by shooting in the same gas station we stopped at on the way to the lake not even an hour before then.

When she got back to us, she was completely shook and stuck in a stage of shock. After few moments she was finally able to tell us what happened. In the same moment she was also made aware one of our other village members got a urgent call from her daughter. She immediately express concern because a little girl had also been in the car of the shooting. After explaining we didn’t think it was her..about 15 or so mins  later we got the confirmation when they both also returned.

Fortunately,  the healing therapy we prepped for during the “Sunset yoga circle” the night before is what greeted us all upon their extremely grateful return. We learned that everyone we knew was not only  alright, but actually aided in helping to save a life. The driver was shot in the head and appeared to be dead in the moment but actually lived.

Another young man also got shot in the cross fire. He staggered across the street into a woman’s living room and stayed on her couch. That womans’ daughter was trained and acted as a 1st responder on scene until the perimedics arrived.

Also trained by Umedics, these soul warriors Ms. Kenisha and her daughter, Journey Jamison as well as their friend, urban farmer, Jacky,  joined us for the much needed healing therapy and yoga that followed that evening.

*Photos by Keith L Nixon of Natural Beauty Photos

Yesterday I learned through our growing tight knit network via the sunset yoga circle that both the victims lived. For me this proves community ties run deep and contains the power needed to change things. Talk about putting the tools and power to use and seeing it in action,  as well as, all things being connected.

I had never been more grateful for the village than on that day. After a much needed impromptu healing session, we finally made it around to our much needed restorative yoga session.

We all met and connected with some amazing people. All who were open to love and support one another in a time of trauma. We concluded the evening with a community family dinner at Truth Italian Resturant. A dope little hidden Black-owned gem right in Chicago’s every own Historical Bronzeville.

We didn’t end the day blaming each other for why all the bad things did, could’ve and shouldn’t have happened, but instead ended the day feeling like superheroes for one another.

Small, but mighty impacts can be made in our every day choices. This is only the beginning of us owning our energy and changing the energy cycles in our own neighborhoods.

For more events and healing opportunities like these, be sure to check out some upcoming circles, Fitness and wellness events with some of the amazing organizations mentioned above. Don’t forget to click the follow button at the bottom of the main page of this blog for more updates.

You can also follow up directly via for upcoming circles. for garden & lakefront  yoga sessions.


 Stefan Molejo via / 312 967 – 7204  for Capoeira lessons.

 As always I hope you enjoyed today’s read.  Let us all move with purpose, embrace healing therapy and speak life.  Love you all to to it….Embody Amoor love flow, letGo!  Have a great week loves.,, #cultureconnection360, #TheBlackBusinessSchool, #FreedomHomeAcademy, #CreativityInMotion, #southSideInFocus,  #EnglewoodEnterpriseGallery, #OurStoryChi, #TheUrbanJunctureFoundation, #BronzevilleCommunityGarden and Incubator, #TheBronzevilleRetailInitiative and #SouthSideCommunityArtCenter,, #LionAndTheLambMinistries &, etc. All working together to combat #24ways

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  1. Keith (Natural Beauty Photos) Nixon says:

    Love it. The Power is in the (Doing) & you all have been that force & I am so proud of you all. No Stop, No End, No Limitations.

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    1. JFal says:

      Aaaaw thanks love.. One correction though…. “We” includes you, have been that force…only as a collective whole are we able to make the impact we need. Your contributions and support are what make it possible…thank you for being an anchor love. We are forever grateful.


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    “ is an amazing organization and is signature for hosting ancestral rituals known as community healing circles. “


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