Travel Tip Tuesdays Present: Festival life


When you arrive in town at 2pm in the afternoon on a sunday and your twin sister calls you and says get off the 🚆 at a random stop before you have a chance to drop off your luggage….

Travel Tip 1: Before your trip even begins 1st thing you should to do is get your Mind Set; Ball On A Budget, for those of you joining us for the 1st time, This means to*Maxiumize your travel experience at the lowest cost possible!

So Initially, I wanted to be irritated with my sister for having me get off the train, and not allowing me to drop my luggage off 1st, but then I remembered This is the twin sister of the Aerial Gem (myself), If anybody knows how to Ball on a budget, it’s her, she must have a plan or a ride. Sometimes things don’t always go as planned especially when traveling, so its important to try to have alternative deals and options incase you hit a few bumps long your road. The best way to do this of course is to have a set plan of how much you want to spend each day, and don’t go over that amount.

Plan ahead of time and purchase online for major discounts on activities.You can definitely do just that with these 2 awesome free event websites: (chicago/Miami) and for all free festival related events across all major cities of America. If you can find other ways to save money long your journey, take advantage of those opportunities as I did in senario below.

As I get off the train, I am greeted by the Hostest with the mostest; my amazing twin sister, your Chief Editor of this Light-filled blog Site  with an extra  pair of hands to help me with my bag, along with drinks and refreshments to  officially get the party started!  Yup, Not even an hour fresh off the ✈ and already I’m indulged in the #festivallife! Greeted with love, laughter, free live Music, Art, Games for all ages and liquor! Seriously, what more can a person want?

Young, full of life and Fresh in town; Why waist time going home to drop off a bag when you could drop it off at a friends job nearby for couple of hours? If your fortunate to know someone who works in the area this would work, but not for most of us traveling for vacation right? So why bring it up?

That brings me to Travel Tip #2 Bag-Stash! That’s right yall. No, not just anywhere of course, with the Bellhop  or Concierge at the hotel you are staying in or, any major hotel in the area? Lets say, friends see your in town on social media, invite you to meet them somewhere for a cocktail or 2, you can drop your luggage off to any hotel in the area, I personally choose the closest 1 to the restaurant, bar or venue we were meeting.Works like a charm every time, Just tell them that you have a late check-in and that your have business to tend to on foot prior and don’t want to drag your luggage around. They will say “sure no problem”, take your bags and give you a ticket.

Now that you did your Bag-Stash and you’re luggage free, “Hit the town”and get the most out of your vacation as soon as you hit the ground in what ever city your in. when you come back later to retrieve your bags, *no matter how late, it’s always courteous leave the bag attendee a small tip! Gratitude goes further than a dollar sometimes”Waist not, want not”-anonymous

Travel Tip 3: Cash Stash/ Paypal

In case of an emergency you loose wallet, in another city, town or country. Some foreign places wont accept your credit or debit card but anywhere in 🌎 the American dollar is king.

*Cash Stash DOES NOT go inside your wallet or pocket book.  The purpose of a cash stash is to have money tucked away in a safe place somewhere on your body IE. (shoe or sock, inside pocket, 🚺 inside your Bra). As a frequent traveler I had to learn this the hard way this past April during my trip to Puerto Rico.

Fortunately for me, applying my own advice came in handy this past Sunday after arriving in Chicago’s wicker park for their neighborhood summer festival! I ditched my bags and purse and utilized my cash stash. Worry-free from festival scammers and over-spending. The whole evening the most money I spent was $10 and that was including commuting cost, Balling!

PayPal account acts as virtual cash. If your in a country that doesn’t accept your credit card you can always transfer funds into your pay pal account and pay online.

 Want to know how to see how awesome this free annual street festival was here in Wicker Park, Chicago? click the video here, check it out for yourself.

Chicago’s Wicker Park Summer Festival 2016

To Make sure you don’t miss out on any more super budge-friendly events , be sure to  hit the follow button at the end, share the knowledge and spread the wealth! Today’s “Balling On a Budget” Segment of Travel Tip Tuesdays have been Tried and Tested by Yours Truly, The one and Only Aerial Gem! Until next time, I love you all to life…please like, Follow and Share Peace!


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