Village Building

“A vision without a plan is just an illusion and A plan without execution is delayed progress and success” -Jennifer Fallen

These past few months have truly been magical.  What happens when we stop complaining about our circumstances and truly start to move in the energy and discipline of changing them?  Progress!  It’s that simple.

When we truly evaluate and embrace all the support and resources we have around us and are brave enough to execute the plans to our visions, not only do obstacles fade away but the universe also sends everything else you need to do so.  Bernard Lloyd and The Urban Juncture Foundation worked extremely hard the past five years to bring forth the vision and execution of The Bronzeville Incubator.  It is here, operational and already making a difference in the community!

Open to community members and Bronzeville residents, this hub and many more by different organizations around the city, captures the epitome of village and community building.  I already love it.  Check out some of the Magic that takes place in this amazing space….

This is what life was like in the incubator last night.  I haven’t whitnessed this kind of focus, energy and determination since my good old college days.  6 hours in, running off of 3 hours of sleep to meet a 22 hour deadline plus great energy, support, teamwork, resources and food fuel sponsored by The Bronzeville Jerk Shack, equals six complete grant proposals for The Urban Juncture Foundation to continue foster peace, commerce, community and complete redevelopment for the Bronzeville Community.


It was seriously like de za vu. I felt like i was working to meet a 30 page reasearch mid term paper deadline.  Just about mid night i realized It was exactly the kind of motivation i needed to push closer to my goals.  Results for grant proposals should be available in few short weeks.  Meanwhile, What are some unconventional or innovative resources available to community members in your neighborhood?  Please share via the comment section.  Until next time, “Onward” –Ava Duvernay

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