Travel Tip Tuesdays: Skycruising for Dinner

Travel Tips Tuesdays

Okay so the aerialgem twinapped for a signature sister-workcation!PART_1465622704814_IMG_20160610_14435120160613_125731

Miami to Chicago to Wisconsin, then back to Chicago and cruising for lunch on this wonderful travel tip tuesday back to the Mia(Miami) yall! Ok so of course I am the Aerial Gem, so I flew into the Chi 2 Wednesdays ago for a 2 week sister-workcation.

Everybody knows being a Chicago socialite, my squad always party productively. Work smart and play hard all day, everyday! Love what you do and making a living doing it. Team work makes the dream work, another motto I live by. All that and more took place during my bestiecation this past week was extremely magical and none of it would have went as perfectly as it did had it not been for this team.

Blessed beyond measure to call you so much more than friends, we’ve all been partners, teammates friends and family working together like a well oiled machine! Each part just as vital as the next in order to grow strong together toward the dream. Forever grateful, and while in the position, I love being able to pay it forward.

So as I travel back to the Mia because this #mommypreneur, being a Jack of all trades has to get back to her most important job of all, yep MOMMY DUTY CALLS ! …..”mama’s coming pumpkin” lbs.20160614_150125.jpg Time to get back to the palace. My prince, the one and only #Mattyice #Internationalkid #kidpreneur. The reason I’ve sacrificed, strive, and struggle defying all odds #Legacy!

So anywho, Here are a few Travel Tips and Tricks below; tried and tested of course by yours truly, the one and only, Aerial gem! The original Balling on a budget travel tipster; bringing you Moorlight, MoorLove, Moorsupport, MoorInner-standing and MoorResources!

Showing you how you can also learn to #Bob balling on a budget! Afterall it is a #lifestyle20160613_145344

TRAVELING by Bus/Train i.e (Metra, Amtrak, Greyhound)

Tip #1 *Purchase online for automatic discounted by $5 or so. Purschasing online saved us $20 bucks and taking Amtrak there and Greyhound back saving us another $20 bucks!

*Tickets Must be purchased Minimun 2 hours prior depature (before your train or bus leaves). If you do not meet the deadline to purchase you will have to pay full price at the station!

*Station size varies: Recommended arrival of minimal 20-30mins prior departure. Reason being because if you don’t give yourself enough time to account for wrong routes/delays you could end up on at the Wrong gate/track rushing not paying attention and end up having to purchase another ticket anyway. Dont make the same mistake J. Fal did and end up at the boat dock when her ✈ is taking off lbvs!

Tip #2 Print tickets (bus, train, plane etc)

2 Reasons: some stations require you to have a printed ticket to board, not all stations have updated technology where they can just scan on your phone. Jess and I had to find that out the hard way traveling back to the city by Greyhound this past Monday. You an get a little spoiled traveling by plane all the time. Im always humbled to learn to new ways to navigate and find so much graditude in being a student again. Must people would think to go to either of these places to  (libraries, staples, currency exchanges) to print which is great, but not always Convenient especially if you’re already pressed for time. Having been self-training when it comes to time-management, I automatically snapped into Aerial Gem mode and remembered that Hotel (business centers) are there for times just like these!

-Free and easy,
-There’s at least 1 hotel near every bus, train station or airport
-Usually not busy during traveling hours perfect for someone pressed for time!

We took Amtrak train to Wisconsin and Greyhound bus back to Chicago. And thanks to technoghy you can Uber basically nowadays!  Also big ☝ s to Uber for their new job creation program. Caught up with a dear friend who has found sustainable work as an Uber driver through their car leasing program!  I love technology that changes lives soooo much that Embody Physique is working extremely hard to contribute to change, kicking in industry’s doors and changing the game.

My squad stay Trailblazing the path creating #Moorjobs #MoorEntreprenuers, #MoorOpportunites, #MoorLeaders with an app designed specifically for those who are #Moor thanks to this years 2016 Urban Sustainabilty App devlopement contest 20160605_005130-1.jpg20160605_005413-1hosted by the 3rd leading tech company in the world, headquartered right here,Screenshot_2016-06-05-00-58-02-1.png

in my home town, Chicago downtown inside Civic Opera House on Wacker Dr. TECH NEXUS! Offical post coming soon sharing the experience!Screenshot_2016-06-05-00-57-22-1.png

#WantMoor #CraveMoor #MoorTeamwork #MoorLove #MoorSupport #MoorGrowth

Tip #3 Eat Well ALWAYS! No matter your environment, no matter how busy you are you have to take care of yourself in order to be effective helping others and be around to see the fruits of your labor. Food is the most important thing second to water that our bodies need to function properly. And good food is essential to allowing your body to build up and work at it’s full potential. This weekend was amazing. Embody Physiques’ Clean Eating Workshops changed the lives of 3 different households these past 2 weeks. Helping willing families access and apply resources to sustain a healthy lifestyle was the best experience. With just applying a few tips and tricks here in there into your every day routines, can significantly impact your health. Inbox me directly for Inquiries The more you apply them overtime, you will become the change you want to see. To learn how i do it, and others too…20160614_134004_Multi(3).jpg

check out my lunch pack!



Fuel for my flight to help navigate this journey called life. Reaching for the stars yall as I #skycruise for dinner while, #empirebuilding in the sky!  Don’t forget to subscribe to for more travel tips and tricks. Bigs ups to my SQUAD because, there is no me without you, love you all to life! See you in the Mia, till next time Chicago ..BOB “mama I love you, hold it down” muahhhhh

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