Fitness Fridays : LakeFront Yoga Season

* Updated*

Hey loves, Lake Front Yoga Season is right around the corner and I am sooooooo excited!! The rest of this read covers promo details from last years season kickoff. For more details on this years season kick off please click here. For more classes throughout season please follow us here.

The season will officially Start June 16th. Registration is available now. Please click link above to lock in your slot. Stay tuned because this week of registration only we have 2 discount tickets available for only $7. 1st two people to register get that discount. Starting next week classes will be $10 so early bird gets the worm be ready. The season will be from June16 to last week of August 2017.

Classes are weekends only. We have both morning and evening classes available at 39th St. beach. All participants must be registered before class start. In meantime check out the 1st promo session of the season kickoff from last year below: This was one of the only free sessions of the season. If you would like to join me please click links above to get registered. See you all June 16th :):). Don’t forget to tag a friend, share with your peeps and subscribe for more updates.


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