Real Music & True Artistry: Jason Maek And Zaena’s, The visual Album

Months before Beyoncé released Lemonade…. I got the following email from Jason Maek…. “Hey here is the visual album I worked on. Let me know what you think of it. Rolling Stone called it the first great music project of the year!” Now when I read this, two things ran through my mind. I said to myself you want my opinion after Rolling Stones’ feedback?? The second thing I thought was, who and the hell am I that my feed back would even be valued on that or any level for that matter. I mean it’s not like I’m a musician, a producer or industry professional laughing but very serious (lbvs). But I’d soon come to realize, I don’t have to be any of those things to like what I like.

What I’ve come to learn about myself is that I’m not easily impressed when it comes to music now a days. I mean we all know that since the industry was high jacked, the music just hasn’t been the same. So when I came across this project I was seriously blown away. I Mean the production is so amazing, very professional, polished and crisp. I immediately thought to myself, wow they must have had a hell of a budget, some magic fairy dust and a few miracles they cashed in with the almighty himself to pull this off lbvs. I mean for those who saw B’s Lemonade debut, I’m sure we agree it was awesome, but it’s and with all the resources she has available to her, we honestly shouldn’t have expected anything less. But when I saw Jason and Zaena’s work, I was seriously beyond blown away. I mean after watching I felt so inspired. I didn’t realize how popular this duo was so I was even more honored my opinion was sought out. It really means a lot to me.

So many different emotions ran through me as I watched their visual album. I was relieved, excited, captivated and thoroughly impressed all at the same time. I didn’t even know that was possible. I guess I thought it would be like everything else oversaturating the market these days. I thought here we go with another video with no real concepts or artistry. But I learned quick enough to pick my lip up off the ground lbvs. I Feel like some of the greatest music video producers of all time, met in a secret location to put this project together. Remember the kind of videos and visual concepts the greats like Michael Jackson & Prince explored, well this project brought that essence and more back to the game! When I first starting watching I clearly didn’t know what I was watching because the visual album concept was foreign to me but after the first 2 songs I didn’t care. The Music and visual creativity had me and honestly that what I loved about it.  It was so different I never knew what was coming next. I felt like my eyes and ears were consistently in two different worlds while co existing in the same world at the same time. I was hooked and before I knew it, it was over.

This was very interesting to me because when I first glanced at the clip I thought this is way to long. Who has an extra hour? lol. But again after the first 2 songs I knew I would actually set more time aside just to watch it. I did and it was one of the best hours I ever spent! Seriously, if it were a show, I’d watch it every week. Just think of it as the season kick off lol. Afterwards, I couldn’t wait to tell Jason what I thought and I did.

But I was very brief with him because I knew I wanted to do this piece on it. He replied he was glad I liked it but of course I reassured him that was an understatement. Anyway, enough about what I thought. I don’t want to sway others opinions on it but I am interested in what you guys think. Check out the visual album for your self:

 If you love it, your in store for opportunity to make history by attending their first 4o City tour FWVA starting June 5th, 2016 right here and right in time to kick off #SummerTimeChi babey lol, That’s right This Sunday, June 5th. Check out the tour dates and more details for the tour kick off  below:
Join me, travel blogger the “Aerial Gem“, who’s flying in just for this very special occasion and my peeps for……

The FWVA Tour Kick Off 

 It’s a day Partyyyy and you can bet it’s going to be Hot, Hot!
 This Sunday  June 5th at Virgin Hotel Rooftop
Time 2-8pm
 Be Sure to make note of the additional tour dates not listed above here:
June 24th: The Tree
July 1st : Chicago Music Awards
July 2nd: Festival Of Live
* For the next wave of tour dates, be sure to follow up directly here:
I know the website is amazing too!
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