Hey Brown Girl: A Spring Fete w/Aplomb Art Gallery & The 300 Group

Exciting time and timeless memories awaits you!

Hey loves, this event is a vintage pop up shop happening right now! Head on over to The Silver Room in Hyde Park. There is still a few hours left to sip, shop and mingle in that classic love atmosphere. I know for a lot of us it’s church and errands day but end your day, as your checking out of whatever shopping line your standing in, ignore the impulse buys lined up at the register and invest that $10 in a great time with Aplomb and The 300 group.

Team work makes the dream work and practicing group economics in our communities is now the name of the game. It will be one of the best $10 investments you’ll make this year. They always have great wine, beautiful people and extends the warmest welcome. Pop in and enjoy.

If you can’t make it today check out the next event with The Silver Room: The Harper court Summer Music Festival along with other Summer Time Chi, “Hot Happenings” here:  https://embodyamoor.com/2016/04/16/south-side-summer-time-chi-2016/ If, you have an event coming up on the south side of Chicago that you would like added to the list, just shoot me an email.

You can also take a peek at past wine tasting events with Aplomb and The 300 Group here:https://embodyamoor.com/2015/11/05/fall-in-line-with-the-hot-happenings-of-culture-connection-360-autumn-wine-tasting/


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