Hollywood Hit List!



I’d first say “Happy Mothers’ Day”, and then pry into your personal life about your celebration plans lbvs…: Are you Balling on a budget? Coming to (SoHo) south Florida soon? Learn how to saaave money during your sunny vacation with the Aerial Gem’s Hollywood Hit List!

Okay so, if you’re coming to Soho in the next few upcoming weeks here are a list of inexpensive, budget-friendly activities that will compensate for an over-priced night on South Beach any day.  That’s right my lovely Embody Amoor readers, just 25- 30 mins north of over-rated South beach, Miami. Lives wonderful cuisine, great ambiance, live music, fantastic scenery, sandy beaches and beautiful weather right here in Hollywood Florida!


This is the Aerial Gem, your budget friendly (B.O.B) Balling on the budget travel specialist reporting via Embody Amoor. These tips have been tried and tested by yours truly! If you are planning on popping in town anytime soon, you are more than likely to run into me at one of these Hit list spots, So If you see me out be sure to say Hi!

For those that know me and have been following my segments you know they are all about getting the most out of your experience for the least amount of money possible. Some of people can afford to Ballout, Ballingout-spend money without regard while travelling. however, others like myself have to budget. Which means having to choose activities within my price range.  Having been in South Florida for some time now, This and other tip List covering the hottest Budget-friendly, Lgbt- friendly night spots, restaurants, and lounges have been compiled for you below. This Hit List is all about showing you why when visiting South Florida, anytime of the year Hollywood, Fl. is one of the Best Areas to Headquarters your vacation while balling on a budget!

I’m not saying south beach isn’t hot, I am saying that it can be expensive to party on South Beach, especially if our coming down for a big annual event or busy time of year like , springbreak, SWEETHEAT and Memorial Day Weekend. Speaking of SWEETHEAT, it’s just days away, so if you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, feel free to hit the link below for more details on specific events and purchase online to avoid Lines and sale outs.




Bottleline, when basic prices $ for food and drinks are $$ and $$$ in price, if you are not cooking, your are doing appetizers your whole vacation or spending money that could go a whole lot further a few miles down the road. From personal experience, I can tell you it’s not the food you’re paying for on South beach!  Which is why, your girl, the one and only #AerialGem has hooked up you and the rest of our readers with major discounts on car rentals available to be picked up from the  Fort lauderdale / Hollywood airport the moment you land! These deals are perfect for group vacationers and families making you’re vacation easier, saving you more money, so you can continue to get the most bang for your buck while enjoying the awesome festivities and beautiful palms of South Florida! To receive these awesome deals all you have to do is Subscribe to our Blog via Link  at the end of this post.

So I know we are living in the age of technology, and booking regular hotels seems so out-dated now, However if you are looking for a decent, cheap, yet still nice hotel to stash your luggage and nap occasionally while on vacation. The Ramada, right here, smack dead in the middle of SOHO a.k.a South Hollywood, is the very uniquely and strategically placed quaint, RAMADA INN!!!  This place you guys seriously is the cuttest hidden Gem. PhotoGrid_1462829969057


I mean hit the link and check in out for yourself! yassss honey and for the price, you guys can thank me later LBVS! For just a whopping $58/ night you have a beautiful little hidden oasis! Smack dead in the Middle of Downtown Hollywood and Just 10 mins away for the blue ocean and sandy beaches, The Ramada Inn provides a Beautiful antique lobby with whinning staircase, nice big exercise facility, large outdoor pool with waterfalls oh and the best part is, just below, The Hotel is the Hollywood strip “oh yeah” that means, you can get white-girl wasted if you wanted to and walk to your room safely. With the #AerialGems Hollywood Hitlist compiled for you below, be sure to check out some of these awesome spots when you come for your South Florida “Staycation”! You will find out why I call it that when you get Here!!!

Thanks to websites such as www.Airbnb.com and www.houseswap.com

Finding a place to stay for cheaper than your average hotel these websites are Gold! Some of you recall recent trips to #nola #puertorico. well my inside followers  know that I will not allow any amount of money to determine my quality of life. Which means if I have to go where my money goes further for me hey, it’s worth the journey and my pleasure is showing you how you can too! With my hook up on car rentals directly from airport vacationing anywhere in South Florida for the low is accessible through me, your favorite jet-setting travel-tipster Aerial Gem. To start planning and saving on your South Florida vacation today your just a click away. Subscribe to www.embodyamoor.com for exclusive discounts and savings on car rentals and more. Stay tuned this week specifically for my personal reviews and pictures of each of the events provided below giving you even more insight to hottest happenings that are sure to enhance your vacation experience here in South Florida while balling on a budget! For now below is enough to get you started,

* Cheap breakfast any day of the week before 4pm


Personal Favorites: Fresh squeeed orange/carrot Juice



MondayFood Truck Mondays

*Food can be little pricey, more for tasting! Eat little something,

Byob and enjoy the atmosphere! There’s always music in the park



Tuesday nights – Whiskey Tangos Red Cup Special

*Ladies drink Free 9pm-Midnight

IF you follow my social media you know I frequent the Tango.




Wednesday- MAMA MIA’S “All you can eat” Lobster Wednesday For $16.99/person




Come Wine and Dine with me for a lovely fanscy feast on the boardwalk! My Chicagoans probable be the only people to get this but, after we eat, Meet me at this little Hole-In a wall joint below for free entry before 11pm and $1 drinks all night and Dance like it’s your birthday!




Not feeling to chick, not to worry Cloud 9 is chill, but For

more local action on a wednesday night after #Empire

Checkout this awesome little Jamaican bisto around the corner!

*Tell the Waiter/ress to tell Chef Kemar, #AerialGem sent you so your dish will be made with xtra Love!!!

These are not ladies night specials but some of my favorite

carribbean dishes are the *Oxtails and * Jerk Salad ..mMM




Thursday night – “Networking Thursdays”– all in the Flyer Baby!

*although flyer says FREE WINE till 8pm, it’s actually till 9pm whoo hoo0!

Tell D.J Hanna #AerialGem sent you curtesy of Embody Amoor.

*Favorite Filling Appetizers: Italian Meatball and Sicilan Pizza

Friday nightFuntastic Friday ” Free movie in
park” Hit link below for Movie titles and days


Saturday & SundayGingerbay’s Retro Reggae

Retro sunday Flyer.jpg

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