Embody Physique Is Going To Miami

Hey loves welcome to the sneak peek of my handstand training progress. The time time is finally here. Scroll down to view video. Embody Physique is coming to Miami. Don’t miss your chance to learn how to embrace the yogi lifestyle at ease! That’s right people, i will be giving a beginners yoga workshop May 7th, Saturday at 11am. The workshop will be 2 hours long.

Your in Store for a live yoga demonstration featuring the progression of my latest advanced postures, head and handstands. Free refreshments and 45 min video recorded instructional session that will get you pumped for the many benefits of yoga through out the season. Come be apart of our amazing event. The workshop is only $15 to attend. Register via the Paypal link below to get access to exact location:



Take a look at some of the cool workshops and classes from last year:


Check out this clip of my latest advanced yoga progression:

I’m soooo looking forward to continuing our growth together! Hope to see you all soon but until we meet again….enjoy!

When your yoga mat becomes a part of your wardrobe.

See you all in Miami! In Meantime, don’t forget to subscribe for more updates… Chao!

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