Empire Building Wednesdays: 50 Businesses To Start On A Shoestring Budget

Hey loves, I’m back with #YourweeklyHumpdayRead and It’s small business week!!!! Yeaaaahh!!! How perfect that all these great resources are made available just in time for #EmpireBuildingWednesdays. Anyway, below is a list of 50 great businesses you can launch for $500 or less, curtesy of the Philip Fairweather of Bethel New Life’s small business development training program.

For more resources like this don’t miss the next opportunity for entrepreneurship training. Find out more information here: http://www.bethelnewlife.org/our-investments/community-economic-development/entrepreneurship-training-program/ In the meantime, i decided to take pictures of the information to make easier to access. For all of my fellow budding entrepreneurs, this is for you. Feel free to to share and tag to friends and remember to subscribe for more updates. Happy empire building &…..

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 10.22.08 AM







As usual, hope you all found today’s post useful. Don’t forget to subscribe for updates. Until next time…XOXO


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