Tune In Tuesdays: Taking Time For Self

I think we can all agree getting through the work day or week can be rough. I recently read a blog that talked about a metaphorical oasis as an escape and how most jobs don’t provide one. Feel free to check out that blog here:

https://shadesoflife247.wordpress.com/2016/04/09/happy-at-work-not-really/ .

I personally think all jobs should offer some since of a relief station to ensure happy employees and more productivity. Not just the big corporate fancy gigs that have a gym and racket ball court where you get to blow off steam during your break. It only seems to make sense. Yet and still, society’s workforce often demands your enthusiasm remains despite whether or not the average employee has access to those kind of resources. Is this kind of practice realistic considering current circumstances? No, but most of us make it work anyway.

When i’m not at home, i personally put towards an effort of cultivating good and peaceful energy. Anyone who know me an my personal space, knows it’s my sanctuary. The place i go for restoration.

I often burn sage to clear bad or strange energy brought over by others. I read a daily devotional every morning to get grounded for the day before coming in contact with the outside world. This ritual arms me so i’m not so easily effected to reacting to the pressure and unexpected energies or the world. It keeps me proactive instead of reactive. I light incense that produce happy pharemones on a regular basis and often keep positive music in the atmosphere. I try to carry and convey positive energy every where i go with all i come in contact with.

Other personal ways i manage at home and at work are meditation and yoga. I’d actually bring my mat with me to work, and on lunch find a quiet spot to squeeze in a quick 15 min session. At the very least I’m finding at least 5 mins where ever i am to meditate when i can. Every once in a while, when i can afford it, i’ll treat myself to a full on pamper session, mani and pedi included.

Most of the jobs that demand so much from us hardly yields benefits that allow for pamper treatments on the regular, so what the next best thing to consider? Find out at the the end of this post.

Mediation has many benefits beyond stress relief
I like to keep my pamper sessions loyal to great service and in return special privileges and treatment is always greatly appleciated
Cheers to the perks of loyalty and client appreciation

Natural II (266)
How serenity looks when it’s finally achieved!

Alright, now that we know what we can look forward to, here are someways you can achieve it too…

That’s right create a metaphorical oasis….

Humor Relief

Subscribe to your favorite comedians, you tube or social media fan page. Take you phone with you to the bathroom or your break and watch a short funny video. It’s a great way to de-stress in the moment and will change you entire energy flow. Check out one of my personal favorites here: https://www.facebook.com/tyreeelainefanpage/

A 15 second turn-up

Coined by a dear friend of mine, Falon brown, this option is perfect for someone who can’t afford pamper treatments, or ring the time for a physical workout. It’s easy, free and fun. All you do is take your phone with you to a secluded place during break.

Do by yourself or with a friend or co-worker. Put on your favorite song on using your cell phone and literally, wild out in the form of a dance session or lip-syncing concert goer for about 15-20 seconds.

After go back to your normal work tasks and that burst of energy generated during 15 sec turn up time, will not only sustain you for the duration of your shift, but often times prevent a really bad customer reaction and often time provide the work environment with a renewed sense of value and higher moral, a great reflection to what ever company you work for.

For Tips on getting centered before your destination on the plantation, here is a list everyone should consider for establishing and maintaining time for self:




As usual, i hope you all enjoyed today’s read. If you have tips to share on taking time for self, please do via comment setion below. We’d love to hear from you. Until next time, Don’t forget to tag , share and subscribe for updates….chao.

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  1. Too good. Yes I talked about the metaphorical Oasis. Thanks your post gives some insights into this oasis.
    I am going to build on my post so keep reading.
    Thanks a ton again

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