Clean Eating: Meatless Mondays



Hey loves, Welcome back to “Meatless Monday’s”.

Introduced in early ‎ Aprils Healthy Eats‬, I’m having a blast getting into new foods. Check out some of the vegan and vegetarian meal options I choose this month and subscribe for more updates.

So the last time i mentioned clean eating, i gave some tips on how to get things going. This week i wanted show you exactly how i applied those same tips. So the top three pictures show the meals i enjoyed at one of my favorite vegan eateries “Ground Control Chicago“.

Feel Free to click on the pictures for entrée  names. The remaining pictures show meals i attempted at home. Again proper budgeting is necessary for a smooth and successful transition. The recipes for the home cooked meals are as follows:

Meal 1: Breakfast

Ingredients include: veggie bacon, almond crusted wheat bread, white rice, baby carrots, pineapple slices,broccoli,  and cauliflower

  • Veggie Bacon, toss in over for 5-7 minutes
  • Almond crusted whole wheat bread toasted 45 sec secs on high in oven
  • Boil 2 cups of rice for serving of two for 15 mins or to preference. Brown rice is a normally better for higher nutritional value.
  • Sauté stir fry veggies for 5-10 min add pineapple and for extra flavor

Meal 2: veggie nachos

Ingredients include: green and red pepper, jalepeno, avocado, shredded cheddar cheese, veggie ground crumbles, and nacho scoops.

  • Ground crumbles are heated in non stick pan based in olive oil for 7 mins.
  • All veggies are boiled to rid surface of oil and preservatives and chopped to be added to nachos.
  • Dress nachos to you liking and enjoy.

Infused Water

These were made by the roomate. She just used the water bottles but you can also buy the water infused this way as well. Glass is always the best option for a water container though. The ingredients used for her water mixture will be posted at a later time. In the mean time choose infusion options to your personal taste or try some of the cool options i discovered here.

I hope you enjoyed the read. I really appreciate you for stoping by. Don’t forget to share, tag a friend and subscribe for more updates. Until next time, happy clean eating.

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