Chicago’s Favorite Wine Tasting Events by The 300 Group

Chicago’s very own “The 300 group” are back at it again. They are responsible for bringing you the awesome wine tastings we get to experience every season throughout the year. If your looking for dope ways to embrace the next level of quality night life on the social scene filled warm, down to earth and trill vibes; for the grown and sexy, you won”t want to miss their next event!

They are becoming a staple for choosing the the most sway venues, everything from cool art galleries to local mansions and with the hottest Deejays. They are also known for bringing you the element of surprise by keeping these dope venues private until few days before the actual event. Double click the circles to check out some of the cool venues and tastings of the past seasons:

Well this spring season is no different. That’s right the 2016 spring wine tasting is literally right around the corner this Friday April 15, 2016 and the venue reveal is……one of my favorite Chicago hangouts, the Zhou B Art Center. The best part is it’s FREE!!! So get your tickets NOW via the link at the end of this post because space is limited!!!  This time partnering with Ty Johnson Artistry, you are in for another great culture connection with their “Hold On My soul“, spring art exhibition.


Last year I attended the spring and winter wine tasting. Staying true to bringing us the most exclusive venues, I discovered the beauty and elegance of The Bronzeville Park Way Ball Room for the first time. Chicago residents outside of the south side, first learned of it’s hidden beauty during it’s 2014 Bow Tie Ball with local ABC 7’s Chicago Countdown New years eve celebration.


Before we explore some of the awesomeness I experienced via the most recent tasting I attended, take a look at the beauty of the venue and why we love the excitement of the reveal. This chair is “hot hot” laughing but very serious (lbvs). It’s certainly fit for a queen! The Parkway Ball Room truly captures the elegance of the community.

I attended the 2015 winter wine tasting there with my partner in crime Keith Nixon and he captured some great shots. It was really nice to get a feel of and enjoy the space in person. I look forward to attending more and maybe even hosting an event of my own here at some point.


Hope you enjoyed the read. Find more of your friends and tag them here:  and don’t forget to  subscribe for more updates. Hope to see you at this Friday’s wine tasting. Get your tickets here:


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