Motivational Mondays: Clean Eating Can Be Fun

How often do you have the urge to try new foods? We all get tired of eating the same things all the time. Routine can be good but like anyone, if you don’t switch it up every once in a while, eventually your progress hits a plateau or you digress. Eating is one of the simple pleasures and necessities of life so i believe if you can, making it fun is a great way to maintain consistent progress with meeting your healthy eating goals.

The past few weeks, I’ve been trying so many new vegan eateries. Some of my favorite so far, Soul Vegetarian, Daisy’s Catering cafe, Native Foods, Ground Control Chicago, and vegetarian entrées from Cedars,  and The Nile located in Hyde Park. All located right here in Chicago and the Chicagoland area. My tips for keeping clean eating fun are as follows:

  1. Make a list of all the different restaurants you’ve been wanting to try or you have great referrals from. Set aside a small budget to try to visit one at minimum once a month.
  2. Make a note of the favorite dishes from each place and try to recreate the same meal once a week at home.
  3. Invite friends or a significant other to take part in the journey and keep each other motivated by naming it a weekly cooking club or new food night (pot luck style). You can share pictures and tips. Add a little bit of wine to the mix to make it a full on tasting party.
  4. Consider some fun recipes to create from different online cooking communities. For variety you can always used tips to enhance or completely re-invent different kinds of cultural meals (Italian, Mexican, Greek or Mediterranean style). Check out some of my favorites from Daisy’s Cafe below.


photo 4-2
Lentil Taco and Battered Cauliflower

I really like Daisy’s cafe. The owner actually started in the kitchen of Soul Vegetarian. He opened Daisy’s right outside the city about 5 years ago. I visited for the first time two months ago and now i’m a regular. I knew i would be back when within 30 mins of waiting for my meal, i noticed over 20 customers  either come in to eat or pick up food to go.

During the lunch and dinner hours, the traffic is really high. The wait time for your food can be a bit long as result but not once have i ever seen a customer complain about it. In fact most were more than understanding and humbly supportive. A great thing for the owners and a true testament to how much people love this place.

The ambiance has a really wholesome community diner feel. Accented with great people, cultural empowering artwork and that old school Motown kind of music we all miss. They are definitely going to need a bigger location soon. The staff was very nice and polite and all very passionate about the quality and kind of food they serve.

Their always eager to share the knowledge of their entrée origins. It’s a small family owned eatery so it was really nice to see the owners son in position of service and learning the business. I’ve had over 4 different meals and loved them all. The greens are fye. Plus….wait for it… they sell alkaline water 9.5 kaboom!

photo 3-3
Jerusalem Gyro

I’d encourage all to try them if your ever in town. I’ve tried and love their I Jerusalem Gyro Combo Basket, their Lentil Tacos and their Smoke Protein & Avocado wrap featured above but their Barbecue Twist were tasty too. Hope you enjoy. For more tips on clean eating and reviews on fun eateries please tag, share and subscribe. Until we meet again thanks for reading and happy eating.

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