The Walking dead

The Walking dead season Finale Tonight!!!

The Walking dead is now one of my all time favorite shows and i’m super excited about the season finale tonight. I first learned of the show around season 3. I spent a week straight catching up on the first two and half seasons and have been hooked every since. I have to admit, it’s hard to keep me captivated as a viewer with any show.

It seems like so many are the same and just to predictable now a days. But not The Walking Dead. This show keeps me on my toes and always looking for more. You know you are a true fan when you start growing with the characters and panic when their in danger.

My favorite characters are Michonne, Glen and Daryl but the writers truly make it hard not to get attached to any of them, which is what makes it so awesome. You just never know who’s gone get killed off the show next. Some people can’t get past the gory presentation of the zombies, but if and once you do, there are so many other enjoyable elements of the show.

To have a world where all the old rules of civilization no longer exist, where almost anything is necessary to survive, it’s very interesting to see the boundaries of morality and humanity pushed to the edge. It truly makes you wonder if you could personally, truly be capable of survival at a time like that. Tonights’ finale is going to be insane and I’m am excited, a guilty pleasure but what can i say, a little entertainment relief can be healthy lbvs.

Not sure if your a fan? You qualify as a fan if you agree to the following:

Watch the show,

Don’t like it but watch anyway,

know more than two of the main characters names,

Watch The Talking Dead,

Watch Fear Of The Walking Dead

Watch the show to prepare for an actual zombie apocalypse lol.

Are you a fan? If so, please feel free to comment with what you like most about the show. tell us why? Just hashtag the walking dead in your reply #TheWalkingDead #WhoDoYouThinkDiedAtTheEndOfSeason6Finale?

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