Spring??? More like Sprinter In Chicago

We’re kind of fashion rebels. We don’t like to follow the rules. We mix seasons all the time on purpose besides sometimes, as you can see it’s not all by choice. Chicago weather demands it. So because it’s snowing today, i thought it would be cool to share some of my favorite fun, funky, fall and winter outer wear pieces to consider for windy city weather in early spring. If you want a place where you can experience all four seasons in one day Chicago is it. Most places in the mid-west offers that variety over the year but as usual Chi town is in a league of it’s own. Lets just say they don’t call it, “the windy city” for nothing.

The upside is that most of your fall pieces can be redone for the spring here as well, hence the terms sprall and sprinter outerwear options lbvs. This post contains a few timeless and versatile pieces to consider as a staple for your wordrobe especially here in the windy city. All you have to do is switch out the color of your accent or accessory pieces like the hat, scarf, gloves and jewelry for more spring like colors and all will be right in the world again. If your a true Chicagoan, you know better than to pack your winter wardrobe away to early on in the spring season here. Sometimes it feels like we go from winter right into summer.

For all my fellow jet setters, if visiting soon your best bet is check the news and try pack as best as can accordingly. For those in parts of the world with real spring weather…yes i’m jealous because in case you’ve missed it. Yes it’s officially a few weeks in to spring and it’s Snowiiiiiiiing , yes yes yes, the windy city stands true to it’s name. For tips to properly prepare consider some of the fun pieces below, enjoy and happy spring in Chicago.

A cute blazer can go along way. As you can see, depending on the fabric content, it can be a great outwear piece. Now Jen did this look before the images of Beyonce in the Moor scene of her new formation video, and yet and still, it’s perfectly suiting and appropriate. Timeless looks can go along way. We took these pictures during the fall last year but given the nature of Chicago’s normal spring temperature, you could easily be confused by the seasons.

Scarf, Gloves and Blazers: Thrifted
Wool Burgundy Hat: Target
Ring: Deleay Lashay

Every girl needs a magical A cloak: Need an outwear piece that’s versatile enough for any outfit? This is it! This one has is really light fabric content. It’s inner lining is Lenin and the outerface is cotten which keeps it breathable. When Windy city greets you directly, layering is great, due to it’s comfy drape design. If need to really snuggle up, Throw on it’s hood or can use as Blanket.

Coat: Chicago Boutiques


A cute leather Jacket is a necessity for any city where you get to experience the 4 seasons. I personally like to thrift for vintage styles but definetly requires an eye for detail and lots of time for searching. Leather jacket or leather like (Faux leather) is great for that edge you want to balance out your looks. Its also versatile and appropriate for most wardrobe options. Pair it with any funky accessory like jen’s faux fur scarce turned hat or head piece and you’ll be the freshes thing since sliced bread.

Jacket: Wilson’s Leathers Photo by Juan Hernandez


Hat: Hand Made Photo by Juan Hernandez


This is one of those looks that have many different versatile pieces. In other words, in the city, you don’t pack up all of your fall outer wear pieces. Layering is a fun way to do more spring like pieces like the ankle length skirt, in cooler temperatures, which could end up being the difference between a sunny or sunless spring day here in the Chi.

Cute Windy City Layered look: Skirt: forever 21 Jacket: Burlington Coat Factory


Pastel lip colors are always a great spring accent.

Either way, Chicago’s bi-polar weather  requires us all to be ready to accent any look with some Fall like pieces for a functional and successful transitions.


Aways have fun with your looks

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