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So I’m now in week 4 of my entrepreneurship training class and I’m seriously amazed and honored to have the pleasure of taking the course. I’m learning so many key elements to building a strong business foundation and seriously excited about some of the many new exciting developments to follow.

Embody Physique Health and fitness is officially restructuring and will be re-launching with some pretty new exciting developments soon. In the meantime, I thought it would be great to share some of the things I’m learning, to help my fellow entrepreneurs out along your development as well.

The resources below were provide by professor Philip Fearweather. He’s worked with organizations like “Bethel New Life”, successfully starting and expanding over 200 Businesses in the last few years.

You can learn more about the class I’m taking here: http://www.bethelnewlife.org/our-investments/community-economic-development/entrepreneurship-training-program.

Bethel New life, is an organization that helps redevelopes communities as well. They have a focused initiative on the westside of Chicago, but there work has impacted chicagoans like myself from all of over the city, including the outskirt chicagoland areas. They specialize in everything from Neighborhood entrepreneurship training to summer youth programs focused on community economic development/workforce development.

I strongly urge west and south-siders to take advantage of all free available resources offered here. Assistance of this quality would normally require lots of debt to obtain a min 8 year degree, that gives you access to the same information, resources, training and tools. There are plenty of other options to consider outside of the traditional route of obtaining a traditional four year degree to become a successful entrepreneur. Besides, if it were as simple as that, we would have more successful business owners than unemployed college graduates.

A lot of us are mothers, wives, husbands and work full-time jobs to maintain, so pursuing other avenues of development that accommodates our current lifestyle, is the next best step. There are plenty of organizations that offer free development assistance, workshops, seminars, classes and training programs that even college graduates end up taking advantage of to create more opportunities for themselves.

Start exploring your development options and get to building your empire, our network needs you. If you find post like these helpful please provide your feedback via the comment section below and remember to subscribe and share to receive updates. Until, next time, enjoy and happy empire building!

Business plan Resources:

Green,Glen (2006). How to develop and Use a Business Plan, Edward Lowe Foundation Found online at Biz Info Library, www.bizinfolibrary.org.

Starting a Business from Entrepreneur.com http://www.bizinfolibrary.org.

Understanding Where You Stand: a Simple Guild to Your Company’s Financial Statements, Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, Illinois entrepreneurship Network. This and other resources are online at http://business.illinois.gov/management_guides.cfm.

Demographic information can be found at SBA’s business data and statistics

http://www.sba.gov/content /demographicsKnowledge base of the Foundation Center

http://grantspace.org/Tools/Knowledg-Base/Funding-Research/Statistics/Demogrpahic-informations; and American FactFinder at

http:// factfinder2.census.gov/faces/nav/jsf/paages/index.xhtml

Resources for Marketing:

1.) Really good online resources at http://www.sbdcnet.org/industry-links/demographiccs-links.

2.) For 2010 general demographics by zip code see http:www.city-data.com/zips/60651.html (set for 60651). For easier to read U.S. census 2010 data go to http://www.lib.uchicago.edu/e/collections/maps/chi2010.xhtml; the U.S census data at American

FactFinder:http://factfinder2census.gov/faces/nav/jsf/pages/index.xhtml (a bit hard to use)

3. City of Chicago information at http://www.cityofchicago.org/city/en/depts/doit/provdrs/gis.html and Encyclopedia of Chicago online at http://www.encyclopedia.chicagohistory.org/.

Other Resources

  1. Good online resources for writing the marketing plan at http://www.sbdcnet.org/small-business-information-center/marketing-2. Small Business Administration’s online raining for marketing at http://sba.gov/sba-learning-center/search/traininng/marketing
  2. Bureau of Labor statistics’ Consumer Expenditures at http://www.bls.gov/news.release.cesan.nrO.htm
  3. Zip Code facts http://factfinder2.census.gov/faces/nav/jsf/pages/index.xhtml (population, income,etc)








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