Motivational Mondays: Clean Eating

Clean eating is a transition, a process, which means there are steps to be taken over time. I know i tend to get excited when i discover something i like. I tend to over indulge unfortunately. It’s good to have excitement, but to over do something is the fastest way to make it harder to keep doing it. I learned that the hard way. A few years ago, before i started my health and fitness company, I decided i was going to change my diet and lead by example by actually living the healthy lifestyle. I soon learned that old habits die hard, so i decided to break my transition plan down over a realistic stretch of time, working to hit certain milestones along the way.

I started first with cutting all processed and fast foods out of my diet. In order to stay on that path i had to substitute those habits with better ones, so i started home cooking a lot instead. I did that for about 6 months and eventually it subconsciously became my preference. My body liked what it was getting so was easy to keep going at that point. I went from eating out all the time to hardly at all or just for special occasions. That was not only good for my body but my bank account too.

The following year i decided to cut out most unnatural for all natural sweets, switching out candy and cakes mainly for lots of different kinds of fruits and whole grain and granola bars with things like raisins. The next year i cut out all red meats. Now this was my comfort zone. Fish, Chicken and turkey made up the bulk of meat intake for my diet over the course of 3-4 years.

Last year i started eating more vegetarian dishes, playing around with different recipes and trying new eateries when my budget allowed. I also started gardening and farming, growing lots of crops, tomatoes, peppers, lots of greens, herbs and spices so the vegetarian lifestyle grew even more exciting for me. This year i’ve been trying tons of new vegan foods. I don’t consider my self vegetarian or vegan because i still eat meat occasionally, but the bulk of my diet has changed for the better over time.

Now, i’m on to making more vegan dishes at home, a whole new world i’m excited to allow my taste buds to indulge in. So my diet in the moment consist of a blend of both meat and meatless meals but mostly meatless and honestly, i actually enjoying the shift. Below are some pictures of one of my favorite year round meals. Perfect for any season and perfect start to any level of the clean eating journey. Try some of the following tips to successfully transition to your clean eating lifestyle and please share your results with us:

  1. Write down a Realistic plan and keep it visible (on the refrigerator would be ideal).
  2. Work towards a new milestone or change every few months or weeks if grow bored fast. This can include switching out a new side dish, switching out kinds of sweets, cutting out a certain kind of meat one or twice a week etc.
  3. Meal Prep will be your best friend to sustain consistency and momentum.
  4. Try to keep the discovery process of new foods fun. (Try new foods at restaurants and inquire about recipes as well as online.
  5. Attempt new recipes with significant other or friends.
  6. Budget in advance for new meals to attempt during your home cooking.
  7. If you have any clean eating tips or recipes to share, please do via the comment section below other wise, happy eating.
Fried Fish, Rice and Avacado Salad
Dressing makes everything better.. try not to get hung up on counting calories, the idea is to keep the process fun and organic.
Consider switching to brown rice for more nutritional value
Smoothie ingredients for the week
Smoothies make great appetizer or desert beverages

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