Color Me Bad Fashion Show 2016

The show and production was great. Opening with great youthful acts like “The Future kings” and “The Production Team Mentors”, the night was off to an intense start. Dance performances, song covers for Brandy and Maxwell were performed by Chicago’s very own home grown heavy hitter artist like Justin Ruff, It was packed with beautiful people, awesome music, high energy and lots of love.

There were some serious young talented runners in the room and their production proved it. The host, and prince of chicago, “Premo” from Premo Presents, hit the nail right on the head with his recreation from his original theme production from 2013.  I was so proud to see such a well organized and professional approach by the youth in a fun way that still manage to convey the essence of our spirit as a people. I mean it definitely got turn’t but in a very tasteful way, let’s just say the prince of Chicago did a pretty good job engaging us and making us feel like we were all part of the show. I mean people won Akira Gift cards, and for anyone who knows how much I love a fashion party you know that’s a contest I actually tried to win. I’m not sure how many people remember our Akira Fashion Party Birthday Bash 2014 but, uh yeah lol. Anyway, it was such a good time and of course I thought, let me share cause we all know, “It ain’t no fun, if the homies can’t have none”-Tupac lol.  I just listened to that song for the first time the other day by the way. I’ve heard it few times of course but listened to it for the first time and knew I had find a way to revamp that thing lol.

Anyway, I ended up stuck with my obviously outdated android camera phone due to an unfortunate incident just before the show.  As I pull it out and start taking pictures, I hear all the voices in my head from all of my annoying friends nagging me to upgrade and for the first time I’m like Sh*t, their right lbvs. It’s the only one I have in the moment but, was also the confirmation because it just obviously stopped working on me two days ago, so the pictures aren’t the quality I’d like to give you all.

However, I’m from a place where some times you got to work with what you got. So when my bogy android ran out of space, I borrowed my friends, yup yup lol! I sure did kaboom, lol. I was only able to capture most of the opening acts but, because this was another impromptu outing, I only know a few by name. I barley captured the first designer’s line whose theme was “Coming to America.” How cool is that? An all time pop culture classic reference of course and the modern take on the theme was very nice. The pictures don’t show the actual prints, or details unfortunately, but there were some really beautiful pieces! I will try to update with better pictures as I find them. It was very nice to see a balance in presentation for both women and menswear. I also found the last designers work interesting. Luckily, I’d switched cameras at this time so can actually see the designs. The Designer Joyce Boykin, took this line toward the east with a new school western spin. Using a mixture of textures and fabric types that would normally be considered dainty or seductive, like Sheer garments (netted, crochet etc), with traditional middle eastern head wrap styles and full length silhouettes, it was a daring approach to a cultural reference, but found it kind of edgy and ambiguous. Some pieces I felt bought a refreshing modest approach to sensuality. Again, my  apologies the pictures aren’t of the quality this blog deserves, but  I figured at least you can gage the ambiance of the night. Hope you enjoy.

Lights.. Camera.. Action The Host Premo welcoming guest and introducing the 1st opening act.
Opening act
Justin Ruff takes the stage as Maxwell
Another Chicago Artist as Jill scott
yours truly and the awesome honey pot who invited me
Great models
I’d rock these for sure
Very nice formal wear print
Another piece i’m in search for better picture of
This was my favorite of the night
That motif and color combination is everything and trending
I only wish the model  was a bit taller to get the full depiction of the garment.
Very professional models
They werked
When things got interesting
This is a fun way to do a masquerade party
Dramatic pieces are what make a fashion show
Design By Joyce Boykin
Design by Joyce Boykin
Denim is always a classic textile
Very supportive network
We all knew shoulder pads would be back


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