Money Resources for Start-ups

The following is the list of money resources for start ups (non for and for profit companies). Some of these options offer insight to programs that assist you in getting funds. Other options offer direct avenues to start accessing funding immediately.

All steps in persuit of funds, will require discipline and consistency following up with contacts. Some may even require moving outside of your comfort zones, literally. For those of you who are familiar with the best seller, “Who moved my cheese” by Spencer Johnson, knows exactly what I’m talking about.

For those who don’t, pick up that book when you get a chance. It’s a great business fable that will change the way you navigate as an entrepreneur regarding growing your business and is one of my favorite reads.

If you would like me to continue to share more resources like this, please like this post. I will need your support to stay motivated along this journey. I share access to more resources like this and you subscribe to receive the updates. If you find post helpful please share with your friends and family through your social media outlets. We all need motivation to keep moving forward and I’m no different. Thanks for your understanding and support in advance.

If anyone has any additional resources to add to this list, please do so via the comment section below. If you find this post helpful, we’d love to get your feed back. Until next time, enjoy and happy money hunting.

According to the national business update, U.S. business funds are currently available for existing businesses making min $15,000.00 monthly only.

If you need help with expansion, inventory, payroll and back office call: 1-800 -320-1906

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