Making Money While You Sleep

Sounds to good to be true right? I know I thought the same thing. For the first time in my life I can actually testify this is possible and I did it successfully. When I initially decided I would make money in my sleep, I didn’t necessarily know how it would happen. I just knew I believed it. I’d soon come to realize all it takes is putting in the work before hand. If you’ve ever heard of AirBnb, your familiar with having the the true convenience of your lodging choice while you travel for the best rates. I did an interview the RedEye newspaper on my hosting experience where I talk about some of the pros and con’s trying this new money making method as a black minority entrepreneur on the south side of Chicago. “Summer time Chi” is the best season to make the most money. Alot of people come in for all the festivals and festivities. The interview also states some of the leading factors for the amazing increase in the number of south side bookings. Feel free to check out here:

Staying true to discovering quality living on a budget, and always staying on top of the latest travel tips and tricks, I came across Airbnb by word of mouth. A friend of mine used the service and had great reviews. So during my 2nd NOLA trip last year for Essence Fest 2015. I tried the service myself and loved it. I was able to book a nice 2 bedroom right in the French quarter, walking distance from the Essence action.

Lodging was great experience so I decided to try my hand as a host. After working out some strategic methods to start getting bookings, the money was literally rolling in. At first, I thought I needed to have extra property to make this opportunity a reality. But, I eventually learned all I really needed was an extra room or even just an extra bed. I’d book a guest to stay at my place when I travel for the weekend and after their first day of check in, the mula started rolling into my bank account! I really couldn’t and still can’t believe how easy and effective it is. My rent for my apartment literally pays for itself during the time I use the service.

If you don’t have a traveling lifestyle or extra property on hand, you can rent a room or an extra bed even a blow up mattress. Of course you want to get permission from your landlord first if you don’t own the property but if your asking price is reasonable, people will book with you. I made my entire apartment available to guest to maximize profits. It’s pretty safe especially if have storage unit or closet can secure all your personal belongings of value in with a lock of course. What I love most about it is you can set your rates as well as down payments and insurance fees to reduce chance of risk or loss. Either way, its great to consider for extra income and freedom to excercise more profitable financial practices like saving and investing. The most work required for prep entailed three main steps:

  1. Rearrange Apartment for guest,
  2. setting up an account
  3. describing my place and neighborhood in an appealing way and responding to inquiries.

I provide preparation services for anyone interested in help getting in on the money. The time to prep is now. Let me, an experienced and profitable host of Airbnb get you ready! Services include:

– Interior facelift services (tailor your space or place to meet traveling guest needs and  lodge in standards)

– Account set up and management until your 1st booking

-Check in and check out assistance for your first guest.

 For inquiries contact me directly:  

Stay tuned for my next blog post where I’ll discuss some of the con’s of hosting on the southside and feasible solutions.

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