South Side In Focus

Hey loves This beautiful angel Samaiyah Muhammad-Wright of Creativity In Motion has done a great job bringing resources to the community and sharing and teaching our kids life skills to enhance their lives. I know alot of us are waiting for oppotunity to knock but the truth is we have to continue to create opportunities for ourselves and our kids. If you have a skill to share, do it! You don’t need any institution to validate the assignment god has given you. Over the course of the year these amazing kids learned design fundamentals via line drawings with me, how to create using recycled materials with Marry, basic costume design with Lastra Creations, how to do self portraits and painting¬†with kao Ra Zen, self worth from Samaiyah and sooooooo much more. We have also recently partnered with South Side In Focus. Photography is next. This week I am distributing cameras. I have 12 left. If anyone wants to take part inbox me asap or reply to this post directly. All participants and all ages are welcome and completely free to take part! You will have this week only to take photos of things that make you feel well (healthy) or (ill) in your community. Areas of focus are Englewood, Bronzeville, Pilsen but others are welcome. Interviews and Gallery exhibition will follow. This is a great opportunity to amplify the voices of our community. Let’s get it love bugs!

One of Chicago’s top industry photographers, Keith L Nixon of Natural Beauty Photos

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  1. I want to be a part of this!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. JFal says:

      Yea so happy for you to join us Jasmin. Can you email me for details


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