South Side In Focus

Southside in Focus, a student run organization that works to amplify community voices through Art. They are partnering with Creativity In Motion and the Bronzeville community garden and would like you to participate in our next event in the Spring. This installation will focus on perceptions of what health means and access as well as barriers to staying well. Participants will be given camera to take photos of what makes them feel well or unwell in the community and will be interviewed about their photography. Participants also have the opportunity to interview other photographers and community leaders about their view on health on the Southside. This requires commitment to the following events (times can be adjusted to fit if complications arise):

1. One introductory meeting to get to know each other, photography workshop, and distribution of cameras: March 5 at the Englewood library on 61st and Normal and March 7 at the Bronzeville Incubator
2. One week to take photos: March 7-14th
3. 30 minutes- 1 hour for interviews: One of the following days: March 17, 29th or April 2nd

All participants and family are invited to attend the Bronzeville sneak peek exhibition in early May and main exhibition at IGrow Englewood on May 20th. There is no age group to participate in this endeavor. If anyone wants to join, please drop your email address below in the comment section for more details.





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