Empire Building Wednesdays: Resource Alert

A strong foundation is necessary to get to top of the pyramid!

Hey loves, it’s that time again. Empire-Wednesdays! Right now, we have the power to change our financial future in a way that continues to create opportunities for others. Yup you all know exactly where I’m heading with this, Entrepreneurship! It’s not the only way but one of the most effective. It’s not easy but neither is working 20 years on a job you hate, just to make someone else rich. How many working class citizens waste their lives sacrificing so their bosses can live comfortably? Taking back that power requires discipline and determination.

Very shortly i’ll talk about a couple of resources available to help us do it successfully. Opening, or starting a business doesn’t make you a successful entrepreneur. Maintaining it however, does and if able to make a difference doing so, even better! Statistically, it can take at least 5 years to establish a successful business. As co-owner of Embody Physique Health and Fitness, I’m a living testimony. I have to admit 5 years in, countless attempts to make things work and the many sacrifices made to do it, has me at a wits end. Discouraged and holding on by a thread, I decided 2016 will be the year that determines whether my hardwork and sacrifice is worth it.

This year, I’m taking a different approach to redevelopment. I’m getting help!!! Having the right bulding blocks can be vital. Those building blocks represent whatever you need them to but, should be evaluated thoroughly. They can represent people, money, resources. Etc. Once you’ve named all the building blocks for your endeavor, organizing them is just as important. Take time and figure out, or learn which building blocks are foundational and which are for growth. I’m taking Entrepreneurship training to ensure I’ve done all I can do to make my business work! This way, if things don’t go as planned, I can genuinly embrace God’s redirection for my life and purpose with ease.

Bethel New Life is hosting a 2016 FREE entrepreneurship training program. It truly is a great opportunity to get help setting a strong foundation to start or, grow your business. If your business is under 6 years old, its time to put away all the financial excuses. “So what”, my company isn’t making money right now and wasn’t for while. Where there is a will, there is a way! This program is free. Please join me. To get more information or get registered click following link:


Now, for those not necessarily interested in entrepreneurship, there are still great resources to invest in to help you with wealth and empire building. For those who can afford to invest in themselves , “The Black Wealth Boot Camp”, is another great resource I plan to use soon. This Bootcamp is designed to help educate the Black community on finance and business creation and is provided by one of the top financial and economics scholars of the nation, Dr. Boyce Watkins. He is highly credible dedicating the bulk of his early career teaching at several universities over past 20 years and being one of the only African American men to receive his PHD in finance and economics in 2012. He’s now offering same opportunity for anyone interested in learning from him for a fraction of the cost. The following list is what you can expect to learn:

-How to fire your boss and get off the corporate plantation.
-Financial habits you need to let go of right now.
-Measuring your EEV (Economic Escape Velocity).
-How people make money on the Internet.
-How family structure is the key to building generational wealth.
-How anyone can own a piece of America.
-How to build your own Black Wall Street.
-The COST model of Cooperative Economics

I don’t know about you all, but those sound like building blocks worth investing in. 

images (78)
Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork

The Black Wealth Bootcamp starts this Saturday, January 9, 2015. For 25% cost of tuition click the following link:


If you or anyone you know has taken this course or have additional resources to share, please do so via the comment section below.

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