Clean Eating

Sometimes, healthy eating requires some heavy duty budgeting and a little creative shopping! Fresh affordable produce can be hard to come by but stopping by a farmer’s market is a great way to do so. For most people, affordable, quality produce requires shopping at various different grocery stores to stay within their budget. But if these retailers are spread out over far distances, the trade off in commute time and gas hardly makes it worth it!

Why make things harder for oneself when can resolve this issue by shopping at a farmer’s market instead?. They are affordable, provide great quality produce and except alternate forms of payment like EBT or link. There really is no excuse not to embrace clean eating. There are quite a few throughout the city and can locate directly via Google by simply searching by zip code. The one featured below is year round. Not to mention you’d be supporting independent entrepreneurship and or small businesses.

Farmers markets are also great option for variety in produce. As we know certain grocery stores only carry specific items that are in season and if out of season your going to end up overpaying. I don’t know about you all but I know where I’ll be shopping next Sunday. If you have other shopping tips and or clean eating resources or tasty recipes to offer, please feel free share your feed back via comment section below. Hope you all found helpful and enjoyed the read, happy shopping and happy holidays!


This plus bit of Nutri Bullet action….heaven! The right resources can make any process more enjoyable. Meal prep? Bring it on! Quality produce at great price? I’m ready. New year and a better me? Priceless!

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