Annie Bell Fragrances: Goat’s Milk Soap: Product Review



Goat’s milk soap sounds a bit extreme for someone who uses the major hygiene brands like Dial, Dove and etc. It makes sense because there aren’t a lot of different stores that carry natural products for affordable prices. Brands like Caress, Soft Soaps and etc, are bombarding the major retailer shelves that are accessible to the average consumer.

So natural products are often considered specialty items and the term is perfectly fitting especially, for Annie Bell Fragrances. Their products are very special. They have the most amazing scented goat’s milk soap or soap in general, I’ve ever tried. One of my personal favorites below:


I learned of the brand when I met owner, Fallon Johnson at the “Love Your Curves Tour” event by Ashley Stewart. When I checked out Fallon’s booth I was lured in by the chic presentation and sold by the amazing scents of the goat’s milk soap. Not to mention, it is a beautiful aesthetic as well. It’s like having scented art featured in your bathroom so no need for air fresheners.


When I realized the prices were affordable I was sold. I also learned of the entrepreneur workshop she was hosting the following weeks to come. She and other partners provide these workshops for the advancement of our communities so I was so happy I decided to treat myself. Practicing group economics is a top priority as an entrepreneur so the additional and continuous benefits doing so while investing in myself, has been worth more than I initially expected. Natural products are harder to find because the benefits of using them are better.

Annie Bell Fragrances provides a variety of different 100% natural aromatherapy products, from candles to soaps that all smell amazing. I personally love their goat’s milk soap but excited to try their soy candles next. Shop with them and You’re more than likely to get invited to one of their extremely popular candle making  events such as the ones featured below:

Do you know of other natural made and affordable products that are available in our communities? What other resources are accessible to us to help enhance our lives and build? Feel free to share via the comments section. Let’s embrace the love flow and let’s go! Check out what else Annie Bell Fragrances has to offer via the link below:

Left: Owner of Annie Bell Fragrance, Right: JFal @ The Ashley Stewart “Love Your Curves Tour” Event


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