Autumn Awesomeness: The hot happenings of The 300 Group: Fall Wine Tasting


Fall Wine Tasting 2015

If you’ve never been to one of the fun, productive events of the 300 Group , you are seriously missing out. They are generally full of loving, beautiful, productive and innovative crowds that ooze frequencies of vibrancy, empowerment and Love. Tune in and tune up with private events like private mansion parties,  exclusive lifestyle events, intimate venues and wine tastings and much, much more. And there affordable!!! If you’re looking for different and again affordable ways to enjoy a better quality lifestyle and connect in away that allows you to build at the same time, you definitely want to come out. Don’t miss another awesome opportunity to connect and get rooted in the rich beautiful ambiance of Autumn love with The 300 Group fall wine tasting coming up November 13, 2015. Get your tickets via the link at the end of this post for the undisclosed location now.

I’ve been to quite a few of their events and never ended the night feeling like there wasn’t a gain in someway. I’ve always felt a sincere sence of fulfillment. Check out last year’s  Pre-Memorial Spring Wine Mixer  by The 300 Group below.

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The 300 Group’s Pre-Memorial Day Windy city Spring Wine Mixer 2014
wine t (14)
DJs Ron Troupe & Jay Imani

wine t (23)


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wine t (36)
To far Left: DJ SP1 aka Sunil R. Honeycutt 3rd from left: Owner of Aplomb Art Gallery, Amiel Bee Right of Amiel Bee: Owner of Culture Connection, Justice Collins 1st on right 300 group member Keith Bernard
wine t (9)
Fitness & Lifestyle blogger Jessica Fallen & Falon Brown
wine t (5)
Yours truly & Photographer, Keith L. Nixon of Natural Beauty Photos

wine t (3)

All Photos Curtesy Of Natural Beauty Photos (773)600-8672 for Inquiries

Get your tickets for this weekends Wine Mixer here:


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