Empire Fix: Special Meme Recap

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“Too many are concerned and distracted with the change of language on given subjects, when the agendas remain the same!”-unknown.

Shows as big as Empire, that air on major networks, tend to have underlying agendas that work in favor of all its creative counter parts. For the creators they often push social political under tones regarding social issues, that they normally wouldn’t have the freedom to discuss without giving up a certain amount of creative control. In other words to present their work on platforms such as major networks, there is usually a major trade-off.

Often times it’s at the expense of the actual content presented or the way it’s presented. For instance, some would argue that Empire has taking a major turn In pushing the ” Gay agenda”, indirectly looking to influence and feminize the minority man, specifically the black man. The show also touches on social issues that plague black and minority communities ever day like mass incarceration and murder in police custody. We have to learn how to connect the dots with the things that are happening between reality and tv, what’s being portrayed on Tv as reality and what’s actually happening in reality.

We must remain conscious of how these things on tv and in mass media influence our realities. Black people are systematically being killed everyday. Kids are making decisions about the sexualities before they even reach puberty. They don’t even allow themselves to fully develope before they start trying to change who they are. More black women are going under the knife, investing money they don’t have and in turn, putting them further into debt for fake body parts, to look the perfect women, just to compete with the black gay transgendered man.

While watching this week’s episode of Empire, a friend of mine who never seen the show, was confused about the sexuality of the character Freda Gatz.

He then made a very good point related to the real life Sandra Bland incident, referenced several times in earlier episodes of Empire. Saying “if I couldn’t tell if that was a man, or women how are police to differentiate”?, or is that the underlying point of trying to push the gay-trans agenda onto black culture specifically?”

(Tv- empire, “Reality tv”  such as -Ru Pauls drag race & Love in Hip Hop Hollywood,  Music and Radio, now Internet-social media). Although this is tv, our reality shows that more and more little black boys and girls are more confused about their sexualities everyday.

Little black boys are finding it easier to grow up safely dressed as adult black women rather than black men.

Due to the systematic breakup of the black family started centuries ago, the black man is almost none existent within the black family. The black father figure hardly exist now due to mass incarceration, gun violence, poverty, and unemployment. Just think about how mass incarceration accelerated the gay, transgender agenda. Further aiding the systematic elimination of black people from Africa to America, the mixing and merging of the gender roles, displayed across mass media within black popculture, makes little black kids easier targets to be gunned down in real life. Need I remind every one of the many Trayvon Martins, and Mike Browns, that have already been claimed by systematic murder of police.

Forced to adapt the roles of mother and father,  black women have teamed up with each other for the sake of having dual income households to raise their children. Sometimes in platonic relationships but more so as romantic partners nowadays. That could be attributed to the shortage of available black men.  Without the existence of the black male, black life can no longer be produced. Now, The black woman as the major target for systematic murder, black life, as we know it can cease to exist,” Birth control, cultural genocide? Everyday we are fighting for our lives. Hence the term, Black lives matter.

We have to remember that everything is layered with bull sh*t to distract and influence us, but the key is to use those same tools consciously for our benefit.

As a good friend of mine would say we can use those same elements as tools to learn and grow. “we just have to know and learn how to eat the meat and learn to spit out the bones.-Victoria Liddell”

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