B.O.B Travel Series: Traveling Domestically

Inexpensive ways To maintain your eating regime while traveling domestically: part 1

1)As we say in the world of Health and fitness Meal Prep:PhotoGrid_1443765359946

avoid purchasing air plane food. Everything is over priced and marked up by 5 % of what you would normally spend:2015-10-02 01.21.14 if your feeding a whole family that can become pricey and cuts into your experience and souvenir money.

2)Old school shoebox lunch (thermal insulated– for example see 3rd pic across in collage pic at the top): cook your meals to take during the commute.

Screenshot_2015-10-08-09-33-27-1If you don’t mind room temperature food, you are sure to save lots of money during your travels for years to come. Plus you want to enjoy spending your hard earned money when your out to dinner with friends and family your visiting!

However, compact travel cooler for cold packed lunches are optional for fruits, salads and sandwichesScreenshot_2015-10-08-10-03-59-1

*Do not add condiments till meal time to avoid soggy grains & vegetables. Plus you can always ask flight attendants for extra if needed. If you don’t want to pack, snack on grains, nuts & fruit until mealtime. This should hold you over on 3 hr flight or less etc.

3)Bring your own groceries with you to be cooked upon arrival of your destination. Fresh produce, starches and gains and meat20150822_140536 see (B.O.B inexpensive ways to maintain your food regime while traveling: part 2 for specific details on how to travel with meat).

4)Buy food from grocery store upon arrival using cash, credit/debit and even EBT (foodcard) if you have it, at local grocery store. Check to make sure the city or state your traveling to accepts EBT at the local grocery stores in that area.

5)Trade-offs: as the old saying goes “fair exchange is no robbery” -unknown. Insist on cooking a meal, or purchasing groceries to be used at a later date for the person your visiting Screenshot_2015-09-30-14-27-33-1 (barter system) to have that person pay for your meal at restaurant in exchange during your time of visitation.

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    I need to try something new so I’ll be looking for your great tips


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