Empire Time! Season 2: Special Meme Episode Recap!

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What I love about the show Empire, is that it gives you in-depth insight into the cut throat music and entertainment industry. It also touches on current real life key social issues like the systematic eradication of the black male race through mass incarceration and the U.S. local police force. From Lucious stealing the new  main artist from the Lion Dynasty Label to the real life Sandra bland. What happened to her, has happened many times in prison with black people. Saying to Luscious, while in custody “I could kill you right now and no one would do anything about it” demonstrated not only, the power of Screenshot_2015-10-10-02-35-30-1institutional authority, but also murder cover-up within the perimeters of the law.  Although, created  for entertainment purposes this show is like none seen before, because of detailed roles of the characters. It displays what actual artist, producers, and labels do, exposing all the sneaking, conniving and back stabbing they do to get and stay on top.  Furthermore it provides great insight today young aspiring artist of the type of drawbacks they may experience trying to get exposure within the music and entertainment industries.


More importantly, this episode showed what they are willing to sacrifice to become successful in their own right of empire building. A perfect example would be Hakeem dropping his album: Risking profit for popularity for the sake of the music and having it heard. Then theres our precious cookie of course, and her slick chess moves, investing and building of her own empire, “The Lion Dynasty!”

As I mentioned before in this episode there were some major power plays, but lucious made the smartest moves. Hiring the street lawyer who said “he was ready to get in the mud” with the prosecuting lawyer on his case, and boy did he do that! I once heard my dad say as a child “a nigga from the hood with a law degree is a lethal weapon” Screenshot_2015-10-10-01-50-14-1after watching last week’s episode of empire, I now understand that metaphor. Which is why everyone needs a lawyer on there team, especially if your black.

Screenshot_2015-10-10-01-35-37-1Lucious’ lawyer, not only retrieved the track that dropped from jail, but he ultimately completed the task at hand with Ludacris’ character or as some of us like to refer to as “skinnyblack” from Hustle & Flow.  This guy came in with “new evidence” In the hearing by bribing  the judge with comprising photos. Talk about a dirty major power play. I don’t even want to think about how he got those pictures. Lucious’ character is just as caculated. He stole Andre’s, his older son and former employee, idea and executed flawlessy. He bought in ownership of the whole urban market on mass medium radio. He’d already given the Empire to Jamaal after Andre invested his young adulthood growing with the company but then he practically begs Hakeem to come back…….

who not only prematurely leaked his album, but also partook in the hostile takeover attempt.Screenshot_2015-10-10-01-37-03-1 The power in buying in of ownership gives him as Lucious put it “a controlling interest over content” in other words, he gets to decide who gets exposure on air and who doesn’t. Which is why, in real life, you only see a hand full of specific types of black TV shows and an increase of cameos by a lot of movie actors, and other types of entertainers on hit TV shows such as Empire. So stop hating and be happy these black actors are back to working,Screenshot_2015-10-10-01-47-34-1 I mean think about it. When is the last time you’ve seen these under-viewed stars in a movie, in the theaters? Better yet, how often do you see these black actors in the movie theaters, and in what roles? All similar ? Another real life example, is Oprah Winfrey. She owns a cable network called “OWN”. Most of shows and movies shown on this mass medium, where she again has a “controlling interest”, is majority her content along with a handful of other supporting producers, such as Tyler Perry. “Muu ha ha ha -in my doctor evil voice.”

Screenshot_2015-10-10-02-02-30-1Seriously though, are the writers of Empire sending us subliminal messages or naw? So lets keep that key concept of entrepreneurship of having and maintaining a “controlling interest” in our own empires as we continue build and work toward our own goal of success.Screenshot_2015-10-09-01-06-54-1 (1)

Don’t forget to watch tonight’s episode, but watch with a closer eye maybe you guys can tell me some of the reasons you particularly like or dislike this show? Thoughts , comments, please share and like below

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  1. JFal says:

    This was a great read. Will definitely be watching the show differently from this point on!


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