B.O.B Travel Series: Evading Sickness

Hey, the one and only Aerial Gem checking in!


For those of you who don’t know I am usually gone with the wind but what you may not know is that I do it on a shoestring budget. B.O.B Balling On a Budget travel series, means I will be sharing with you inexpensive ways to travel and maximize your budget while doing so. Tips and tricks to ensure a great travel experience are just a read away.

Airports, Bus & Train Stations are typically freezing cold just during summer seasons, don’t catch a cold and end up sick before reaching your location. Learn how to evade sickness during your commute using 5 simple tips and tricks below:

*Warm climate transitions: Travel Necessities

1) Travel Insulated Blanket Bag: frequent travelers best friend

This is going to be the 1st important tip-trick for many reasons: For the frequent traveler not only can it be used as your actual carry-on providing extra storage, but it’s also very easy to carry and store without hassle. Also, because clear plastic space saver travel bags works wonders, they allow you to fit more into the blanket bag then usual: almost double the amount and sometimes room for shoes. Once settled you can remove the space saver bag with all your belongings to store under seat while using blanket to keep warm. (Scroll down for pictures of items described)

2) Pair of Socks

Speaking of keeping warm, this is definitely going to be the 2nd & 3rd most important tip to help you avoid getting sick as follows: especially, if you’re wearing open-toe shoes during hours spent riding in air-conditioning. Personally recommend a pair of warm comfortable light-weight shoes or fully covered house shoes for added comfort.

3) Pair of whole closed–Toe Shoes/heels

Particularly if going to a colder climate country/state but also, because it’s just easier to store your socks or fully covered house shoes or slippers in your carry on and change them once you’re comfortably seated.


4) Hand sanitizer

Instant Germ killer, this is the 4th most important item you want to keep during your travel journeys. For all the hundreds of thousands of kids, babies and people in general that don’t take the time to wash their hands infesting everything they touch, hand sanitizer could be the difference between a fantastic journey or a miserable trip.

5) Always pack Medications in carry-on

Last but, not least single most important tip particularly, if you need to take medications every couple of hours. Reason being, when traveling by plane, bags often get checked at the gate but don’t always arrive at its intended destination the same time as you do. On rare occasions some peoples luggage never arrive. Last thing you want is your vacation to go south stressing over a situation that can easily be avoided with proper preparation.

*Cold climate transitions: repeat steps 1-5 plus hat, outer coat

These tips have been tried & tested by your favorite sky cruiser, I hope this helps all you weekend travelers. Stay tunned for next weeks B.O.B travel series post, with tips & tricks to help you inexpensively maintain your healthy eating regime traveling on the go. This is the Aerial Gem reporting & I approve this message. happy healthy Travels guys!  Remember “If you stay ready you don’t have to get ready”-AerialGem. Here’s a classic song to put you in right state of mind during your journey, enjoy!

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