Walking Strong: Uncharted Territory

IMG_20150913_142624When life knocks you down, it’s just an opportunity to charter new territory! Its inevitable and happens when least expected. It hurts and disrupts your whole life. But you can do one of two things, “You can change the situation or you can change the way you feel about it!”- Mya Angelo. It seems like every time things get going, something else happens. There’s a tree to chop down, a fence to climb, or a hurdle to jump over and here is where you learn how much perspective matters. Each block can be seen as the end of the road or a point of redirection! Each time providing an opportunity to reach a new level of self, to build character and ultimately learn and conquer thyself. Short cuts often prove to be more work long term.

The faith walk can be fearful and hard but each is unique to the traveler like a finger print that provides a unique outlook as result.  Being called to higher paths, often requires work that no one else has done to set new paths for others. The journey outward also represents and reflect a simultaneous inward process of growth taking place. A journey to self non the less.2015-09-13_19.48.07

There are many different ways to reach the same destination only to find it’s not about the destination but the journey it takes to get there. Are you ready to learn who you are? Who will you be when you get to your next destination?


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    1. JFal says:

      Thannnnnks. Your such an inspiration to me so your opinion and support means so much to me cousin. Thanks so much for sharing free minutes of your day with me. Love you to life! :);):)


    2. JFal says:

      Thank you love :):) your support means so much to me. You have always been an inspiration and I’m truly honored to have some one of your caliber enjoy my writing. Xoxo love you to life :):);)


  1. Keith Nixon says:

    Congratulation, proud of you & know this is just a start of a successful journey

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    1. JFal says:

      Thanks love I couldn’t choose a better photographer to embark on this journey with. You are forever appreciated and I’m super excited because I know greater awaits us both! :):):). Let’s get it!


  2. KeithM says:

    So needed for me! I’m in Georgia, and with so many decisions on staying or going back to that comfortable nest where I know everybody, I’m at a crossroad. So this post is right on time…..Thanks Sis!!! #TeamAHTSC

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    1. JFal says:

      Wow I’m super happy for you love. To know that this post touched you and to learn I’m not on this journey of charting new territory alone, has made me pushing past my comfort zone, to share this next step in my life, all worth it. I’m learning the rest of the path doesn’t reveal itself until we gain enough courage to take the next step. The 1st one has to be taken for the 2nd one to be revealed and so on and so on and going back to our comfort zones only stunts our growth. It seems like the best thing in the moment, but ultimately prolongs our journey. A great Saying that helps me push through is “when comfort ends, growth begins”. God is your place of restoration when needed. If he calls you to do something he will make you sufficient to complete that task! I’m extremely proud of and inspired by your bravery to take that faith walk and I look forward to meeting the new stronger, wiser and better keith! Love you to life boo. You just hold fast to the promises god has made you and continue to pull in those blessings! #AHTSCFanmilyForLife


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